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Over the past decade, HackerU has reskilled and upskilled thousands of adult learners into a variety of rewarding, life-long careers in technology. Our market-driven training programs prepare each and every student to thrive in the digital industry of their choice.

Thousands of Companies Have Hired HackerU Graduates

By 2020, it is predicted that there will be 133 million new jobsemerging in the digital workforce.

To narrow the global digital workforce gap, HackerU partners with the world’s leading academic institutions and international hiring partners to help businesses find qualified technology professionals.

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Our Programs

Icon Dotnet

.Net Programming

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Data & Cyber Security

Icon qa

Programming QA

Icon linux

Linux Server Management

Icon gaming

Gaming & VR

Icon web

Full Stack Development

Icon Dotnet

UX Design

Icon Dotnet

iPhone & Android App Development

Icon dm

Digital Marketing Social Media, Advertising & SEO

Icon animation

Maya 3D Animation with ZBrush Specialization

Icon networks

Network System Administration

Icon dba

DBA Master

Icon Automation

Automation Development QA

Icon Blue Team

Red Team Specialist

Icon Red Team

Blue Team Specialist

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Success Stories

HackerU My Story - Alvaro Nino

Alvaro Nino

“I do technology consulting in It but I enrolled in a cybersecurity it’s helped me communicate the ideas better and actually improve what ive been doing for my clients regarding protecting their environment and getting them to be more successful in their business without having to worry about technology and all the issues that happen with it.”

HackerU-Powered Program Graduate ron
HackerU My Story - Sofia Solorzano

Sofia Solorzano

“I started the cybersecurity program with zero experience. I didn’t know anything. Prior to graduation, I got a job as an intern in a cybersecurity team. I’m really grateful for the caring, knowledgeable instructors that took the time to make sure I understood.”

HackerU-Powered Program Graduate michael
HackerU My Story - Nir Sayas

Nir Sayas BugSec

“I really liked the program at HackerU. The lecturer, Ilan Mindel was very professional and I enjoyed taking his course. After graduation, the career department helped me to find a job and I'm currently working two jobs in the cybersecurity field. My main job is penetration testing at BugSec and the second one is lecturing at HackerU to pass on the knowledge Ilan gave me to other students. ”

HackerU My Story - Ran Asif

Ran Asif Argo Creative

“Since graduating from HackerU, I now run my own company called Argo Creative. I came to HackerU to learn about digital marketing and it was one of the most interesting subjects I learned in my life. At HackerU, I got all the support I needed from the beginning and even after the program ended too. ”

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