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Is Your Organization Prepared for Today’s Cyber Threats?

Build resilience, defeat attacks, and stay ahead of the curve with our industry-leading cybersecurity services, technology, and employee training.


We offer a variety of cybersecurity services that empower organizations to thrive in today’s digital economy. From offensive to defensive and everything in between, HackerU provides enterprise solutions that build cyber resilience.

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Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

We enable SMBs with a constant, fully-hosted, and cost-effective cybersecurity monitoring and management solution.


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  • Real-Time Protection
  • Constant Development
  • Threat Lifecycle
    Monitoring & Blocking
  • Post-Execution Protection
  • Pre-Execution Protection
  • Israeli Expertise

Penetration Testing

Our industry-leading attack simulations measure the effectiveness of your organization’s networks existing security controls.

Penetration Testing Approaches

Our experts issue the highest level of White, Black, and Grey Box Penetration Testing and provide great insight into the various techniques an attacker may take when trying to breach your organization.

Black Box Asset
Black Box Testing

Penetration Testing as User

Gray Box Asset
Grey Box Testing

Penetration Testing as User with Access to Internals

White Box Asset
White Box Testing

Penetration Testing as Developer

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Risk Assessment

Our team will assess the security posture of an organization from A to Z, revealing any operational or architectural issues. We will identify hazards and risk factors, analyze them in-depth, and provide appropriate ways to eliminate risks.

Security And Privacy Secure Strategy Risk Analysis
Security And Privacy Secure Strategy Risk Analysis

Secure Website Development

Using advanced, cutting-edge security and penetration techniques, our team will lend their skills and knowledge to the construction of your secure websites that can defend against the most prevalent cyber attacks.

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Tailor-Made Cybersecurity Training

Our curriculum engineers customize cybersecurity training programs for all industries based on each company’s specific needs. Expert instructors are equipped with tailor-made curricula in addition to knowledge-base benchmarks designed to either upskill or evaluate cyber competency.

CyWar: Cyber Arena

Designed by leading information security experts, CyWar Cyber Arena hosts challenges that test hackers’ and defenders’ familiarity with advanced attack vectors and simulate real-world scenarios. Red and blue teams can evaluate their skill levels and practice defending and penetrating various applications with an emphasis on collaboration.

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Industry Leading
Cyber Experts

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Ilan Mindel

Interdisciplinary cyber expert with years of extensive experience in penetration testing, cyber forensics, and advanced vulnerability research, Ilan Mindel is the CEO of HackerU Solutions as well as the Chief Technology Officer at HackerU. His robust record of international, ethical hacking success qualified him to lead pen testing experts for enterprises, governments, and military forces, alike.

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Omri Sagron

As the Head of Cyber Security at HackerU, Omri Sagron shares his vast experience in the fields of IT, Critical Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. In the Israel Defense Forces, he achieved the rank of Captain in MAMRAM, an elite group where he served with distinction.

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Ajay Mendez

Ajay has 30 years of experience as a cybersecurity professional, technology engineer, master instructor, education developer, executive program director and security evangelist. He is a pioneer in cybersecurity bootcamp education and his work has been ranked among the best in the United States.

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Amir Carmi

Passionate about helping global enterprises with cloud-based and on-site security, Amir has over a decade of experience working in cybersecurity. Throughout his time as Chief Technology Officer of ESET Israel, Amir gained extensive experience with system administration, network architecture, and server hardening and is now the acting HackerU Solutions’ CISO.

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Asaf Katz​

Asaf Katz is a penetration tester and security researcher that lends his expertise to HackerU in an advisory role. Katz mitigates security risks by exploring uncharted territories to discover new vulnerabilities for clients and partners.

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Oren Sharabi​

With over 6 years of top-notch experience in the fields of Information Technology and event management, Oren Sharabi has led numerous blue team operations and currently serves as HackerU’s Defensive Security Team leader.

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Lion Kontorer

Hailing from one of Israeli’s most prestigious cybercrime units, Lion is HackerU’s Offensive Security Team Leader, in charge of running advanced red team operations and trainings for organizations around the world.

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Eli Guy

A seasoned cybersecurity professional, Eli has spent the last five years leading red team operations, spearheading IR operations, and completing penetration testing for global enterprises. Formerly an offensive security Team Leader at BugSec, Eli uses his 6 high-level certifications in the cybersecurity industry to expertly teach penetration testing at HackerU.

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