Empowering the Global Digital Workforce

With over a decade of experience as Israel's premier digital technology training institute, HackerU is a world-renowned provider of technology education, cybersecurity services, and high-caliber knowledge transfer.

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Enhanced Academic Suite

HackerU, in response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), has seamlessly transformed its in-person, on-campus classes, trainings, and services to be conducted in synchronous, virtual classroom environments until such time that health officials and individual university partners deem it safe to return to the physical classroom.

We've applied the best practices from our top-tier classroom methodologies and enhanced our online offering to include:

Synchronous, Virtual Classrooms
Online Q&A Sessions with Instructors
Live, Hands-On Practice Labs
A Library of Recorded Classroom Sessions
Advanced, Remote Education Technologies
Extended, Virtual Office Hours

Our Partners and Clients


Academic Institutions

HackerU-powered training programs empower universities and academic institutions with robust continuing education suites in digital technology and cybersecurity. Our customizable curricula are handcrafted by industry experts and tailored to today’s job market. HackerU is leading the effort in reducing the growing global shortage of digital technologists by revolutionizing the workforce development process.

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HackerU provides organizations, governments, and companies around the globe with industry-leading offensive and defensive cybersecurity services; amongst our offerings, we provide tailor-made cybersecurity training programs and also act as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Our leading cybersecurity professionals are committed to helping organizations build their resilience, defeat attacks, and stay ahead of the technological curve with expert penetration testing, incident response, and employee training.

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Over the last decade, HackerU has upskilled and reskilled thousands of individuals into a variety of digital technology careers in an effort to increase tech fluency worldwide. With multiple education hubs located in Israel and around the world, HackerU-powered programs are expertly tailored to local job market demands.

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Our Mission

HackerU’s overarching mission is to transform diverse groups of learners from varying socioeconomic backgrounds and build the world’s Cyber and Digital Workforces through our unique ecosystem that spearheads technological innovation, industry-leading services, and market-driven trainings.

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On The Global Level

Diminish the global workforce deficit by training the next generation of digital and cyber experts to build sustainable technology ecosystems around the globe.

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On The Local Level

Sustain local business networks by equipping enterprises with qualified digital technologists and cybersecurity candidates grown from within the local community.

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On The Individual Level

Provide opportunity and upward mobility for millions of individuals worldwide while reducing the growing shortage of workforce candidates with in-demand digital skills.

Our Unique Technological Ecosystem

Situated at the core of Israeli tech development, HackerU is one of the only organizations servicing both the high-tech sector and the education sector, simultaneously.

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